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Air transportation from China to The Unite States' FBA tax package service
Tuowei Aohua International Supply Chain provides the transportation service from China to the United States through FBA Amazon logistics freight transport,CA (Air China), AA, CZ (China Southern Airlines): Double clearance to the door; Amazon logistics is low in cost, safe, convenient and reliable, the goods from any regions over the country can be exported to the United States through it; With fast delivery and stable channel, Amazon logistics can transport 20 tons of FBA goods to the United States by air every day; help 3000 sellers customer with surge orders and performance improved!
We are dedicated to the US dedicated logistics - FBA transportation service for 10 years
We have many years of overseas customs clearance experience, multi-channel international logistics special lines and set up multiple international transport special lines to provide the customers more convenient transport solutions; 鈼?First-hand dealer operation, free storage, double clearance tax package, door-to-door one-stop service, with transport price advantage and sufficient position advantage; full tracking, safe and easy
Customs clearance office team is professional and has strong customs clearance ability
Professional customs declaration team is responsible for import and export goods declaration, customs clearance, tax declaration, commodity inspection and health inspection, has rich product experience, is skilled at application process and familiar with the customs policies of various countries, can timely solve various problems in the process of customs clearance. 鈼?Customs clearance and delivery completed within 3 hours to save time for customs declaration. Safe, fast and efficient customs clearance ability to ensure the rapid customs clearance of goods and to complete delivery within 8 hours
No need of import or export qualifications, we can build the United States' trade bridge for you
FBA first-way transportation logistics line for export from China to the United States and cross-border e-commerce transportation service; the transportation route can changes according to climate change. It is more economical, convenient, safe and convenient to export the goods to the United States. 鈼?Simplified order flow, fast, advanced modern logistics concept applied in logistics transportation, the consignor and the consignee do not need to have import and export qualifications, nor provide any documents; customers only need to provide the cargo list of goods and the goods can be delivered to the door
Perfect service system, shaping value for you
Direct delivery of goods, full tracking of goods, guarantee of compensation for loss, deterioration rate of goods < 0.02%, home pickup within 2 hours, direct flight to the warehouse 48 hours at fastest, saving storage space and time for you, improving the efficiency of goods circulation, thereby reducing costs, let your products have more competitive advantages. 鈼?Warehousing, transportation, import and export customs clearance, delivery to the door and other services, one-to-one service, all the red tape removed, reducing a lot of unnecessary time waste, let you have no worry
Reasons for that 5000 customers select us
Transportation time銆婱any flights, stable transportation time, delivery on booking, delivery on time with on-time rate of 99.99%;
Specialty銆婽he company has more than 30 senior business service personnel who have 10 years of experiences in operating air transportation FBA special line and can make suitable transportation plans according to customer requirements and deal with emergencies quickly and effectively;
Service 銆婳ne-to-one service, full tracking after reservation, timely feedback of details to you, escort your goods;
Safety 銆?00% compensation according to the declared value of loss, damage and customs deduction as well as 100% free freight due to delay;
Our experts are ready to start your worry-free transportation journey, please click here for more information and consultationAmazon Services provider