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I really main Ridley also! Obviously you can still play them


It is funny Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket how the figures people are not hyped for as personalities are a Few of the most beloved (ROB, Wolf, and DLCs such as Terry, Byleth and today Mythra/Pyra etc). Whereas characters that people were hyped for for many years make for relatively unpopular figures (Simon, Banjo, Ridley, Villager, etc).

Beforehand people get so involved in the potential and the hype. But when a personality gets in, they are just another fighter at a fighting game. All that matters is them being fun and/or strong to fight since

It doesn't mean people don't /want/ to play with them. It means individuals /can not / play them because otherwise they get punished by the quicker, better characters and the game isn't fun. Ridley was my most wanted first party but he kinda stinks, so I use him out of spite not cause he's good.

I really main Ridley also! Obviously you can still play them. If you're saying the game isn't fun playing with a certain character, that usually means that you don't wish to play them, not that you can not. I locate some MUs tough as Ridley but on a whole, he is still enjoyable for me and I do well enough . The main reason I include him on my list above is not because I really don't like him personally, but because he doesn't see much representation despite being one of the best most asked characters in the history of this show

Hey that is great for me personally, I still main Ridley too! I just mean the neighborhood at large. Every character is still likely to have some players, naturally.

And yeah buy animal crossing bells new horizons I would say Byleth is pretty popular, especially in contrast to how much they had been reviled when they had been declared. They have a decent number of players, a dedicated playerbase, representation online using the best player in the world at this time, and the overall sentiment is they're actually very fun and saucy (compared to what was expected).