NoobCraft Release | This Saturday!



Hello fellow noobs, and welcome to the official announcement thread for NoobCraft's release!

I will be going over everything that NoobCraft has to offer in this thread.
But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date is..

Saturday, October 27th at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST, 8 PM GMT)

General Information

NoobCraft will be releasing with a total of 4 Skyblock realms to start. These realms are the following:
  • Aqua
  • Lava
  • Cloud
  • Diamond
The Aqua, Lava & Cloud realms are open to the public, and can be played by anyone at any time. The maximum amount of players for each of these realms is currently set to 400 each.

The Diamond realm is whitelisted, and only players that have purchased access to this realm can play. This is the realm that Denis plays exclusively in all of his videos on the server.
Access to this realm costs $15.00/month, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Top Island Prizes

Players that have the highest leveled Islands at the end of each week will receive Giftcards that can be spent on our webstore.
Your Island will accumulate levels as you place blocks and expand. The more rare blocks (like diamond & emerald) give you much more levels than blocks like dirt and cobblestone.
You can check the current top Islands by using the /island top command in-game.

The following prizes will be paid out to the top Islands on each realm every Saturday:
  • 1st.) $65 Store Giftcard
  • 2nd.) $25 Store Giftcard
  • 3rd.) $10 Store Giftcard


Custom Enchantments
  • We have a ton of custom enchantments that you can obtain across the servers.
  • There is a total of 40 different custom enchantments that are purchasable with EXP with /enchant.
  • Here's a list of a few of them:
    • Detonation | Explode in a 3x3 radius upon death.
    • Leech | Chance to steal hunger from opponents.
    • Grounding | Ability to shoot players with your bow and put their enderpearl on cooldown.

Own Multiple Islands
  • You can create more than one Island at a time on NoobCraft.
  • You can invite different players to different islands that you own, everything is separate if you choose to make it so.
  • When you own multiple islands, you must name your islands so they are identifiable.
  • Any new islands created will only start on a 3x3 grass platform, so be prepared!

Nether & End Islands
  • Every Island you own has a Nether & End Island attached to it.
  • You can access your Nether Island by creating a nether portal and entering it.
  • You can access your End Island by obtaining enough "End Portal Frames" to create an End portal and entering it.
  • These Islands will count towards your Islands level.

Island Permissions System
  • As the owner of your island, you can create Island ranks and assign permissions to these ranks. This system gives you complete control over what your friends can do while on your Island.
  • You have the ability to create your own Island rank names.
  • You have the ability to ban other players from accessing your Island.
  • You have the ability to change the default rank name of people that visit your Island. This rank name will appear and chat when talking at your island.

Achievement & Quest System
  • You can complete achievements to be rewarded Island Upgrade Tokens.
  • Achievements can only be completed once per Island.
  • A few examples of these achievements are things like...
    • Collecting a certain amount of a specific item.
    • Breaking a certain amount of a specific block.
    • Killing a certain amount of a specific mob.
    • Killing a certain amount of players.
    • Opening a certain amount of crates.
    • Completing a certain amount of quests.
  • Quests are fairly similar to Achievements when it comes to what you need to do to complete them.
  • The main difference between Quests & Achievements, is the fact that you can complete the same Quest more than once, but they have a 3 day cooldown.
  • Quests can be completed much quicker than Achievements, and you will be rewarded with items like Crate Keys and Boss Eggs for completing them.

Island Upgrades
  • You can apply upgrades to your island by using island upgrade tokens obtained from completing Achievements.
  • A few examples of these Island Upgrades are the following:
    • Increasing Island size
    • Increase monster spawn rate from mob spawners.
    • Increase the speed of crops growing.
    • Increase the player cap on a certain Island (10 is default)
    • Increase the amount of experience earned from killing mobs.
    • Increase the amount of Island Vaults an Island has.
    • Increase the amount of mcMMO EXP gained.
    • Unlock the ability to have a clear entities button to clear entities from your island.

Island Chat & Warp Updates
  • You can edit your islands chat color to anything you'd like.
  • You can also assign different chat colors to certain members within your island.
  • You can set as many "Island Warps" within your island as you'd like.
  • You can list your Island Warps by doing /is warp (island name)
  • You can edit the colors and name of each warp so it looks cool in the island warp menu.

Island Private Vaults
  • You can create Island specific private vaults.
  • The Island owner can assign perms to withdraw/deposit as well as limit how many items they can put in the vault.
  • These vaults can be upgraded from 9 slots to a full double chest.
  • This would include having an island balance that members and the owner can put money into.
  • You can control who has access to certain vaults by using the new Island Permissions/Ranks system.

Gambling Features
  • Flip a coin! You can gamble any amount of money against another player on a simple coin flip.
  • Rocks Paper Scissors! You can gamble any amount of money against another player by choosing rocks, paper or scissors.
  • Jackpot! The more money you gamble, the better chance of you winning the pot!

  • Envoys will drop within the pvp arena every 4 hours.
  • These Envoys will have rewards like powerful gear, crate keys, pouches, money, mcmmo, and more.
  • You can check when the next Envoy event starts by doing /supplycrates time in-game.

Mob Coins
  • Mob Coins are a special currency that is dropped randomly when you kill mobs with your fist.
  • These coins will ONLY be dropped when a mob is killed from you punching it to death.
  • Each mob has a different percent chance of dropping a mob coin upon death, which scales up depending on how much health the mob has.
  • For example, an Iron Golem would have a much higher chance of dropping a mob coin compared to a chicken.
  • This currency can be spent by doing /mobcoins
  • You can purchase exclusive perks & mob spawners with mob coins.

  • We have created a fully custom and extremely advanced Minions system!
  • Minions are little helpers that assist you on your Island.
  • Minions can be set to do the following Jobs, or as we call them, "Modes":
    • Sleep
      • Your minion will do nothing whilst in this mode.
    • Chunk Load
      • Your minion will keep the chunk that it is standing in loaded. This is helpful as it will keep spawners activated and farms growing.
    • Spawner Activate
      • Your minion will keep nearby spawners activated, so you don't need to afk them!
    • Mining
      • Your minion will mine for you! It even has it's own inventory to collect the items it mines.
    • Farming
      • Your minion will farm for you!
    • Mob Grinding
      • Your minion will kill any mobs that spawn directly in front of it. This mode is perfect for mob grinders.
    • Mob Attack
      • Your minion will seek out and attack any mobs on your Island for you. The difference between this mode and "Mob Grinding" is that your minion will move around and attack any mobs within it's range.
    • Roaming
      • Your minion will follow you around whilst in this mode.
  • Minions have 5 different tiers:
    • Noob (Tier 1)
    • Apprentice (Tier 2)
    • Skilled (Tier 3)
    • Pro (Tier 4)
    • Godly (Tier 5)
    • You can purchase your noob minion with Mob Coins (/mobcoins), and obtain Minion Upgrade Shards by completing achievements, quests, finding them in supply crates, fighting bosses or purchasing them on our store.
    • Upgrading your Minion is very important, as their abilities get stronger as they are upgraded.
      • For example, a noob minion uses a wooden pickaxe. Compared to the Godly Minion which has an efficiency 5 diamond pickaxe.
  • Minions are super customizable as well!
    • You can name your minion anything you want, with colors!
    • There's also a bunch of different costumes that you can put on your minion.

Miscellaneous Features
  • Bounty Hunter
    • You can put bounties on players by visiting the bounty hunter with /bounty.
    • Whenever that player dies with that bounty on their head, their killer will receive the bounty.
  • Monthly Crate
    • A new exclusive crate is released across the network at the beginning of every month.
    • By default, these crates are $30.00 each, but we usually have a sale running.
    • These crates are the most over-powered crates that we have to offer, and the special loot that you can get from them changes every month!
  • Global Kits
    • You can purchase the various global kits the server has to offer by clicking here.
    • These kits can be used on any server across the network, and have a 7 day cooldown.
    • These kits will give you items like crate keys, money pouches, boss eggs and more.
  • Bartender
    • There is an NPC named "Bartender" in each realm's spawn.
    • This vendor will sell you various Sodas in exchange for in-game currency.
    • When you drink your soda, there's a % chance of you doubling your money depending on which soda you purchased.
  • Wands
    • There are various wands that you can obtain on the server that help you do things easier and quicker.
    • Sell Wands automatically sell everything within a chest when you right click it.
    • Craft Wands automatically convert ingots into blocks within a chest when you right click it.
    • Harvester Hoes automatically pick up crops and puts them in your inventory when farming.

Helpful Commands
  • The absolute most helpful command on the server is /tutorial.
    • This will open the Tutorial menu, which will teach you everything you need to know about NoobCraft.
  • /warp | Lists all of the available warps.
  • /kit | Lists all of the kits that you have access to.
  • /bounty | Set a bounty on another player.
  • /withdraw | Convert your money to a bank note to trade with.
  • /auction | Purchase items from other players, or auction your own items.
  • /links | Provides you links to our discord server and forums.
  • /enchants | Lists all of the available custom enchantments.
  • /casino | Teaches you how to gamble your in-game money on the server.
  • /gkit | Lists all of the available global kits across the network.
  • /buy | Provides you a link to our webstore to donate.
  • /mobcoins | Opens the mob coin shop.
  • /island | Opens the main control panel for your Island
  • /shop | Opens the shop menu, where you can spend your money on various essential materials, or sell what you have farmed.
  • /achievements | Complete various achievements for Island Upgrade Tokens.
  • /quests | Complete various quests for crate keys and other rewards.


To celebrate the server launch, we have organized a massive giveaway!
This giveaway will end on November 4th, and a total of 18 winners will be chosen.

Click the following image to view the various ways to enter the giveaway:

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Is this avalibe on Android ???
You can only play on Java Edition unfortunately.
So This is for DenisDaily do you have to be in Canada to work here or do I have to go to a place
You can access it on your multiplayer server list
Does this game cost money
Nope, all free. You can support Denis though at
To my knowledge, 1.8 or 1.13 should work
When will the applications for staff be accepted or denied
Amazing is looking at them currently.