I know nobody reads forums anymore, but I felt that i needed to do this. I officially resign from the noobcraft network. It has been a great experience staffing here, and I wish it didnt need to be cut short. After recent events I dont feel the need to staff here anymore. The server has died. Many blame Dylan, but now that I know why he doesnt care about noobcraft, I completely understand his actions. Dylan develops for / owns multiple successful servers. All of which are much larger then noobcraft. I also wish to move on to other staffing experiences. I dont want this weight on my shoulders anymore, as I move on to other places. The staff team here has been amazing, and I would certainly love to come back some day if the server is revived. At this time I cant forsee that, so I have decided to resign. All I want to say before I end this off is please dont beat on Dylan. Im sure he doesnt like to see people constantly yelling at him about how bad of an owner he is. Yes, I wish he would work harder on noobcraft too. But, I entirely understand what he is doing.

Goodbye noobcraft.
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