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What happened to Denis? Other concerns too...


There's been much confusion surrounding what happened to Denis, him being owner, and much more. I am here to explain.​

Denis Disappearance:​

Denis first began to slowly become less active towards Christmas, as everyone does. Most people ask about this everyday. Denis was last seen on December 5th.​

Denis became very sick, and after him coming back, he mainly played another game, which we all know of, Roblox. He hasn't gave the server much attention. We hope to see him after revamp, but we are not sure.​

Denis not owner?​

Recently, you may of notice Denis owner rank was removed on discord and given the youtuber rank. There were many complications. Amazing hopes to improve the server.​


The revamp (or v2 of noobcraft) is to take place on March 8th. A time is yet to be decided, and will be announced later.​

Common Questions of Revamp​

Will I loose my rank? No Ranks will stay after the reset, along with gkits, but island data and player data will be wiped.​
Will I have my fly and fast place and jellylegs? At the moment, these are not scheduled to be wiped.​

Why is this revamp good, I'll loose all my stuff?​

This is a common question. Staff want everyone to have a fair chance at competitive leader-boards such as Is top, and bal top. With other people just now joining, there is no chance of them being able to beat 80 million island value very easily.​

=Make sure to attend the reset, as it will be a fresh new start for everyone!=​



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